Optimized Experience Design

Optimized Experience Design

G&I maintains broad expertise in object-oriented design, n-tier applications, enterprise architectures, user interfaces, agile development, and information delivery to offer high impact solutions quickly. Our custom software is being used by multiple government agencies to enhance productivity, promote collaboration, improve engagement, and securely deliver information – anywhere, anytime on any device.

We recognize that developing software is a human activity. Our solutions begin with understanding your business domain, operational activity, and the way people work. This holistic approach is continually checked against your key performance indicators (KPIs) to ensure that value is evident as the needs and habits of your audience emerge. Following this methodology has made a huge impact on our clients by:

  • Improving CX scores leading to increased constituent trust
  • Intuitive functionality that allows the user to quickly complete tasks
  • Ensuring usability across devices with mobile-native design
  • Designing interfaces around the user-experience to optimize performance and scale for growth
  • Layering security to ensure data and systems remain secure
  • Accessibility solutions that go beyond compliance
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